The murder of Antwon Rose, the unarmed, African American 17-year-old shot in the back by East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld, is a chilling and painful reminder of the terrorization that black and brown communities experience at the hands of law enforcement on a daily basis.

These instances of police violence and brutality are not new; we remember the stories of Leon Ford, Jonny Gammage, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and countless others. As a people of faith, it is our duty to honor their legacies by demanding justice and change. That is why we are calling upon District Attorney Stephen Zappala to hand the investigation of the murder of Antwon Rose over to State Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

We demand a comprehensive, objective, and transparent investigation into the murder of Antwon Rose. We believe that such an investigation can only be conducted by State Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Stand with us: sign the petition today.