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Welcome to PIIN

The Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN) is a network of congregations and organizations in Southwestern Pennsylvania committed to drawing together people of faith to act powerfully on local and regional issues of justice and fairness through the process of community-building, direct action, and negotiation with decision makers.

Paid Sick Days for all Pittsburghers

On June 17th, PIIN helped launch a campaign to for paid sick days. When we win it in Pittsburgh, a Paid Sick Day ordinance could: Enable all Pittsburgh workers to earn paid sick time, and to use their sick time without fear of retribution.

You Can Help! Sign our Petition and Join the Campaign to Win Paid Sick Days for All!

Upcoming PIIN actions, July-Aug 2015

Join us for our Love Thy Neighbor campaign! Our initial focus is the need for Pittsburgh’s largest employer, UPMC, to pay their service workers a living wage. Thousands of UPMC service employees work full-time, without any hope of earning enough to sustain their families, let alone enough to improve their economic standing over time. Although UPMC is Pittsburgh’s largest employer, it is not a creator of prosperity for working people. In addition, UPMC’s tax breaks include not paying property taxes, a major source of school funding, which is devastating our schools. As we have learned from the story of the Good Samaritan, let us take action and be Good Samaritans within our Pittsburgh community. Read more

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Pittsburgh Needs Paid Sick Days!