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Meet Renee, 2019 PIIN Social Justice Intern

Meet Renee, 2019 PIIN Social Justice Intern,

Renée Petersen graduated from The Ellis School in Pittsburgh, PA in June 2019. Throughout high school, Renée was active in her school community: playing soccer and lacrosse, as well as performing in several musicals. She was president of the Black Student Union and the Peer Tutoring Club where she discovered a deep love for serving. Renée strives to create safe spaces where everyone can step out of their comfort zone and take risks while strengthening relationships.

After attending SDLC (Student Diversity and Leadership Conference) in the fall of 2018, Renée returned to school with a new passion for studying social justice issues and becoming a proactive ally. For her senior project, she created a ten minute video about her trip to Selma, Alabama. The video highlights the importance of learning about the Civil Rights Movement and the lasting impact of the sacrifices made so long ago. While spending her sophomore year of high school in Ecuador, she learned to speak fluent Spanish and upon her return tutored several students throughout the week between classes and after school.

She is a lifetime member of the First United Methodist Church of Pittsburgh and has been a member of the chancel choir for the past three years. One of her peak experiences was singing Mozart’s requiem in Carnegie Hall in New York City with her fellow choir members. During the summer, Renée works at Sheldon Calvary Camp as a camp counselor for six to sixteen-year-olds. She treasures her time working with kids, playing guitar during chapel and giving tennis lessons.

MOVING FORWARD In January 2020, she plans to study marine science at University of Tampa.

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