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It’s a time of renewal for PIIN. Donate today and be part of it.

Over the last several years, PIIN has made significant progress on police-community relations, green infrastructure, and community schools, but we still have much work ahead on our long-term agenda of dismantling structural racism.

Thankfully, PIIN is up for the challenge. We are developing new leaders, taking on new issues, and bringing in new congregations. This is a time of renewal for PIIN. However, to truly achieve the Beloved Community, we need more PIIN members and allies to contribute financially.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, a $5,000 fundraising match pool has been created for PIIN to take advantage of. Every new or increased donation between now and the end of the year will be matched dollar for dollar until we reach $5,000.

There is no better time to give than right now. Can you renew your commitment to PIIN today and help us reach this goal?

Donate today and double your impact with this match challenge.