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Giving Tuesday and More!

As we gear up for Giving Tuesday tomorrow, where people from all walks of life will come together to give, let those of us who have organized extensively, protested ferociously, and prayed fervently for equity and equality in this country remember that our work is not done. It is frightening to admit that we are living in times where the rights that are ours by virtue of our humanity and by law are being compromised and threatened in this current socio-political season.

When low wage workers in this country suffer from wage suppression and can’t earn a living wage. When immigrants and their families seeking nothing more than a better opportunity in life are placed in cages and treated without dignity and respect. When leaders do not see the value of public education without corporate influence and domination. When the criminal justice system incarcerates people of color at higher rates than other nations and is in need of reform, it is clear that there is an insidious and concerted effort to roll back the clock on all of the gains that we have achieved in making our society a just society for everyone.

At PIIN we are prepared to continue in the struggle for justice and not allow the clock to roll back. That is why we need your financial support on Giving Tuesday. We are asking all who can give to visit us at While Giving Tuesday, is December 3, PIIN is expanding the opportunity for those to give throughout the month of December, so there is plenty of time to contribute.

Your tax deductible contribution will go a long way in helping PIIN remain on the front lines fighting for justice. We thank you for what you have done to support our work in the past and humbly ask that you invest again during this critical moment, donate today.