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2019 Banquet Followup Message

This year’s annual banquet still has me on cloud nine. What an inspiring evening! I was so proud to be in a room with more than 300 of my friends and colleagues — each fighting the good fight for justice.

In case you weren’t able to join us, this year’s banquet featured veteran civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette, a longtime civil rights activist and organizer and key aid to Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. who gave us a resounding speech and motivation to continue the work that we do. Sarah Bowen Bowen-Salio of the Pittsburgh Religious Society of Friends, Stephen Shandor and Bob King of Calvary Episcopal Church, and Opal Middleton of Sixth Presbyterian Church were all honored for their tireless contributions to PIIN and the fight for Social Justice. I would be remiss if I did not mention the great hospitality provided to us by the wonderful members of UNITE HERE Local 57, our dinners and our desert were delicious.
This year’s theme, ‘In Times Like These,’ captured the essence of the evening and our work to protect, promote, and defend the precious safeguards and systems that help guarantee justice and equity for us all. This declaration also reflects why I’m proud to lead the organization and offer support to our allies in becoming equipped and primed to stay on the alert for and respond to unprecedented attacks against justice.

Thanks so much for your continued participation and support. We hope to see you next year as we come together to celebrate a momentous 20th anniversary banquet!


Jamaal Craig, PIIN