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Gamaliel Foundation Training Builds & Supports Powerful Community Organizations like PIIN

“Teaching ordinary citizens to unleash the power within themselves to collectively impact the social, political, environmental, and economic decisions affecting their lives!

National Leadership Training:

This is a seven (7) day residential training event that presents the basic concepts and tools needed to be an effective leader.  It affords a person the opportunity to reflect on his/her present and future potential roles in the public arena. The method is Socratic.  The style is agitational.  This training is offered four times each year in the Untied States and three times each year in South Africa.

There are no upcoming training dates. For more info email

Clergy Training:

Gamaliel conducts a three (3) day program once annually for clergy whose congregations are members of an affiliate organization.  This training is conducted by and for clergy.  These men and women are faced with balancing the demands of maintaining their own institutions while at the same time addressing issues of justice and community concerns.  This training includes tools, concepts and methodologies for becoming effective in both realms, while providing a supportive network of clergy experiencing similar dilemmas.

Advanced Training:

A three (3) day program offered once annually to 75 top leaders.  This program is designed to challenge and equip leaders to assume major responsibilities with their organizations.  Advanced training participants leave equipped to return to their communities and to do power analysis, cut issues, conduct major actions, create a core team or run a major fundraising event.


The word comes from South Africa and means “She who walks with lions and carries her own things.”  This is a women’s leadership training program conducted by and for women.  It is designed to present ideas and concepts for becoming effective and powerful leaders.  It also provides a support network for women.  The program is designed to help women overcome the internal and external obstacles faced on the journey to becoming powerful and effective leaders.


Manor Building,  564 Forbes Ave, Suite 808
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: 412-621-9230
Fax: 412-621-1057

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