Ratepayer Justice Task Force

The Ratepayer Justice Taskforce is focused on winning investment in green infrastructure and local jobs in the sewer system overhaul ALCOSAN is required to complete. By committing a green-first approach to reducing sewer overflow, we can minimize the overall cost of the project – which means ratepayers’ won’t see their bills go up as much.

We’ve also been working with the Clean Rivers Campaign to fight for a consumer assistance program so that low-income residents can get assistance with their water bills, just like they can with their gas and electric bills. Most recently, PIIN has become a coalition partner of the Our Water Campaign, and has been on the front lines fighting for safe, affordable, publicly controlled water in Pittsburgh.

Task Force Chair: 


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Media Coverage

In rebuttal: Privatization is not the answer to PWSA’s problems

Speaking for a coalition of environmental organizations, faith groups, community-based nonprofits and Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority ratepayers, we are deeply concerned about our region’s water quality and want to ensure that the public has maximum control over our water. PWSA must provide clean and affordable water to Pittsburgh residents, and it’s critical that changes be made to the authority to accomplish these goals.